About me - Stephen Walters


My work supports people to meet their deepest desires relating to money. The deepest are not about winning a lottery; that belongs to fantasy, not desire.

In my experience, people’s deepest money-desires include security, protection, trust, sufficiency, choice, ease, flow, autonomy, ethics, pleasure, understanding, contribution to others, fairness, appreciation, respect, participation, honesty, collaboration, effectiveness, purpose, celebration.

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About meeting

A first meeting usually lasts about 90 minutes. We become acquainted and confer about how we might work together on the project that’s live. For two reasons, I don’t ask you to pay for that session: money being of life-long importance, and the relationship between us maybe enduring that long too, I invite you to window-shop freely. If you decide I’m not the right person with whom to begin a long-term financial planning relationship, I won’t feel any sense of rejection.

After the meeting, in writing I offer my understanding of the project, and an explicit £p quotation of what I would like to receive for my work. Before coming to a decision about appointing me, I encourage people to compare my approach and cost with those of other IFAs.




How to get in touch


  • Some clients have been with me since 1990; so inter-generational planning has become important.
  • The internet supports self-managed investment, and I coach that.
  • Exchange Traded Funds [ETF] became available to UK retail investors in 2004: I began specialising in them in 2007.
  • New pension rules have given fresh relevance to small self-administered pension schemes [SSAS]: I bring them to the attention of family firms.
  • With longevity still increasing, I promote financial planning for a 100-year life.

Here are the Tools I commonly use.  I also offer a number of Tutorials.